Happy Father’s Day

To my husband and Dad. Happy  father’s day to you both. Hope someone is burning that grill in heaven.


This came from another widow page, I was so impressed that I threw out my Father’s day rant and put her in place of it. So here is a great thanks to “The Widow lady”  https://www.facebook.com/TheWidowLady?fref=ts

Perhaps I am a rare exception….but I don’t want to be rich, famous, or anything usually associated with great success. Instead, I want to be a person of merit, of character, and of value for myself and others. Beauty, money, fame, fortune, and all the glitz…fades. Clothes go out of fashion, hair cuts grow out, money gets lost and spent, you gain or lose weight, gravity defines skin…it’s all, transient.

A few things aren’t, and I think grief and grieving has taught me this more profoundly. I want to strive always to be the best person I can be in all definitions of my character and being. To learn always to be more loving, more giving, more patient, more kind, more understanding, and all the things the make up my character.

People who speak at my funeral aren’t going to remember the size jean I wore, but they will remember how I helped them in a time of need. If I live long enough, societies definition of physical beauty will no longer apply to me…but if I am truly beautiful from the inside out people will seek to be with me because I add value to their life.

Why we invest so much time chasing ephemeral things I will never understand. Because they don’t talk about your car after you are gone, they talk about who you were, and how you affected their lives.

May we all strive less for things that fade, and more for being the people worth remembering.

Just some food for thought…

With love, Namaste, WL To all we whose fathers are no longer with us. To all those who have have had to become both father and mother. To all the fathers who have had to become both mother and father…to you all, I wish you the absolute best father’s day possible.

To my father for all he taught me, he helped make me who I am today…

In love to all, WL


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