Call me odd

Strange events the past few dayss

Let go back!

My husband job often had him working overnights. For a lot of those nights I was awake, I could not sleep when he was not home and driving that truck. I would call and text him and he would always ask how come you are not sleeping? I just could not sleep. Although he never said I think he worried about that.

The past few nights I have been having dreams that my husband and I had broken up, He was not calling me, and when I tried to call him I could not. I was very distressed in my dreams, I was very upset.

The thought that he may be pulling away from me, or me him is breaking my heart. I am not ready to move on. The idea that he is not my husband or me his wife is upsetting to me.

But then the dog started acting strange…

Night before last, the dog as on my bed watching my bathroom. Ears in alert, would run in and braking at “something”. It was so odd. The house felt strange, I made up my mind it was my husband. He was in the house with me. That night I went to sleep with my hand on his side of the bed, I stayed that way all night.

Last night, Dog was barking at 1:30 last night. No reason.. Dog been acting cooky more than usual.

I am thinking my dreams are just from me selling the house. I have been saying out loud that I hope he comes with us when we move. I know where ever I am he will be.

But then I have no clue. I just do wish he was here so I can ask him myself and get an answer.


2 thoughts on “Call me odd

  1. Not long after my husband died The dogs ran into the kitchen and came running out like the devil himself was chasing them. They ran from the backdoor through the house to the front door. Luckily my daughter was home at the time and saw the whole thing with me. To this day we think my husband was chasing the dogs through the house. He always liked to tease them and I think this was his way of letting us know he is still around. I feel my husband in the house sometimes. To me he is not at the cemetery but at home with me.

    • ( Did you get my email?)

      I 100% agree with you. One of the reasons why I have not went to the cemetery is because he always told me he was not going to be there. That the body is only a shell, a temporary home. I know know he is always here with me. No mater what home I have it will always be “our home”.
      The worse part of dying for him is that he was leaving his family. He did not want to go but he accepted it. He loved our life together, he would not have left. He may not always make his presence know, But I know he is here.

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