So much time as passed

Wow, I am still here. No it has not been easy and lord knows there has been a lot of bumps in the road. But I am still holding on. It has been almost 10 months. I really thought I would have been in a crazy house by now. I give credit to my family and friends for being there for me.

Here is a quick update

I am looking for a job, I think working will be a good change for me. The extra money will not to bad either! Till that happens, (and if everything pans out) I will be helping a friend. Great for updating my very old resume!

Ah! I renewed my drivers license… I was not happy with the picture. I really need to work on a better workout plan, better yet weight loss plan.

Finishing school is a plan that is in the works. I really need to get it done.

Today is the day of love.. LOL! I have decided to love myself today.

Will start posting more…