About Me

I am a 40 something wife and mother. I live in a very modest simple home in the southeast. I have two great kids, and a very large extended family. This blog is about me; my life after the death of my husband. He passed away April 29, 2011 from Non small cell lung cancer. He was the person I leaned on, could depend on for anything. Now that he is gone. Living life alone can be…. hard.

The facts are simple; my life must go on. And I am not really alone, I have the kids and family. This whole widowhood thing sucks. But to be honest I do not want to known as ” The young widow” but I am not ready to say I am single either. I just want to be me, just need to figure out who that is.

This blog is full of my ramblings and rants. Be warned a lot of it may not make any sense. But it is my feelings and thoughts at the time. There will be also funny things, pictures and bits of things my friends have shared with me over time.

But mostly rants and feelings……

Please feel free to comment. And also visit my other blog that shows how I have made the choice to change my life.




3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am so glad I found you. I am also a forty something woman who lost her husband two years ago. Mine died from cirrhosis. I have a married daughter who I am close to but I am also alone. You said it all when you stated we need to figure out who we are. I am well on the way but it is nice to know there are others out there who can relate to me. I will be following your blog. I invite you to follow mine. Good luck. 🙂

  2. I got to your blog by the widow lady. You made me cry. I lost my husband on june 12 last year. He was doing what he loved driving truck. my dogs where actng strange a week before he died up until the night he left. He left around midnight and they say by 3:20 he died. That is what time i woke up and could not go back to sleep. We could not say bye to him because he died in a firy crash with another truck. We released balloons in his honor yesterday. I have two kids that are marreid and 6 grandkids. thay kinda keep me busy. but feel very lonley without him. I was use to being alone cuz he was always on the road but you knew he would be coming home. now he doesn’t. But I know what you mean about finding out who you are. Well thanks for letting me share . Sherri

    • Sherri,
      I am so sorry about your lost of your husband. I know your pain. I wish I had some magic words to ease the pain. My husband was also a truck driver, But the loneliness is different now. You will make it through this.. Blessings

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