The anniversary train

Let me say this I did not come up with this title on my own it is the title of a blog post from another widow named Christina Rasmussen, and her Message in a bottle    When I read it something in head “clicked”

I decided that I was not going to spend the next four months being sad.. My husband had a great life, I would not honor him by focusing on the fact that he he will not turn 54 on his next birthday, That my life has not been the same since he died.

Well The fact is all of the above is true, and the fact is there is nothing I can do to change to make it untrue.

But here are the facts

1- I am healthy

2- My kids and family are also

3- I do have a wonderful man in my life and he loves me.

4- Being with him, has helped be renew my faith in my god and this is a wonderful thing.

5- He has 4 kids and 2 grand kids which blew up my very small family from 3 to a family 10.

I really have so much to be grateful for… I know my husband wanted me to live my life, He wanted me to happy, I am not sure if thought he would be with be another man.

As we sit here and watch the super bowl with friends I have to sit back and see how much I have to be grateful for..

So I will enjoy my life……


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