It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

Yea O.K. whatever…..

                                                                           Is it O.K that I really could care less about Christmas?

Well I do not.

It took me forever to put up the tree this year. I did get some shopping done and there are gifts under the tree; but I am not in the mood. I will be happy when this is all over. I do plan on staying home for the holidays. Have no plans on cooking. I just really want to stay home.

You know that feeling when you are told something; it makes perfect sense. But you cannot make yourself do it so you just feel stuck?
Yep that is me.


I have had my eye on some Liz Claiborne bracelets; they are at Penny’s for 24.00 bucks a piece. I will see if I can pick me up a few.

So I am keeping  myself busy. Prevents me from having to think about crap.

Oh yea here is the tree.


Happy Holidays.

P.S. I say “holidays” because there are more things to celebrate other than Christmas this time of year. I respect everyone’s choices.