Let’s say I am going to try harder. I set some goals for myself this year; I will be honest it has not been easy. So here are the ones I have reached.

Stop watching so much T.V.
I reached this goal by turning off my cable. I watched almost 10 hours of TV a day. It was not something I was proud of. I felt I was dumbing myself down, but I could not stop watching. So I went cold turkey; when my contract was up with Directtv, I did not renew it. At first it was hard, but within a week I was catching up on some older shows on Netflix, hulu and a great new thing vudu. Total TV time now? Three hours or less.

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I been reading since forever. All through school I always had a book in my arms. Even as an adult I did a lot of reading. In the last few years I stopped reading or at least did not read as much as I use to. I was watching to much TV. But then e-readers  came along and the reading bug was back. I was buying and downloading them faster than I could read them. I also liked the idea that I did not have to carry a bulky book. Do not get me wrong there is nothing like the smell of a new book; the paper so sharp, you just want to hug it. My dream is to have a floor to ceiling bookshelf about 80 feet wide, ( yes I said 80 feet) and 9 feet tall. I would fill it with books, Hundreds of books. Books I have read before, books I plan to read and books that are just worth keeping. I would start with the books that are in my e-reader, then be in B&N buying more; then of course the paper books I own. So with the T.V. off I will read a whole lot more.

What I am working on.

Cursing- I saw this women on TV, an the words that came out her mouth, let’s say I was offended. It was sad to think that her language was so limited that cursing was all she could do. So I made up my mind I would stop. So I created a swear jar, and it is full( well halfway).


I get it, must people gossip, but I am talking about the nasty gossip; I am guilty of it. And I am ashamed of it; Some things are just not worth repeating, so I will no longer do it. Overall I will learn to mind my own business.

Stop being a Know it all

OK just a few days ago I saw this trait in me. To make this worse I tend to be condescending which in turn makes me annoying. I am not sure if this is something I can fix, I am pretty sure it will take a while to do it, but I am willing to try.

Talking on the phone to much.

I am guilty of talking on the phone hours at a time, when I am not reading I am on the phone running my mouth. My phone comes with a ” Do not disturb feature” I am going to start using it. I have email/ cell phone, people can start using it IF they have to talk to me. ( was that condescending?)¬† Not my plan to do it, but old habits are hard to break, this I have to do.

Lose weight

Heck it is number one on most persons list. For me it means no diet just life changes, no plans, just doing it.