No noise

The house is very quiet today. There is no T.V, not because I did not pay the bill, but there is a new house being built  next door and it is blocking my dish. So no T.V.

When we built this house in 2009, we knew someone would build  next door one day. After a while we assumed it would never happen. Before my husband died, he told me to make sure I put rubber mulch on the side of the house, So I will have little to do on that side of the house if it did ever happen.

Well it looks like I am buying more mulch.

When people would visit and there was no room in the driveway; they would park in the lot. If you Google map my address, you will see the grill smoking, and cars parked in the lot. Well I do not have  that much company anymore, and if I did well they would have to park on the street.

I guess the point of my post today is life does has to go on. The lot  next door is about to be someone home.  I am starting the process of fixing up the house so I can either rent, sell or stay in it. I even bought some mums for the fall. I plan on passing out candy for Halloween.

So I sit here waiting for direct TV to adjust my dish so I will have television.