My “comical” dating history

So I came across this little titbit! Thought is was cute, but the message is clear.

lisa laughs

My history with love was… pretty rough. 😳

I went on a lot of first dates, crushed on unforgivable bad boys, was admired by creepy boys, admittedly broke a few hearts and indubitably HATED men/relationships by the age of 24. I even bought Greg Behrendt’s, He’s Just Not That Into You when it first came out because THAT’S how lost I was. Here are a few things I learned from my dating experience:

  • If he changes or stops doing the things he once did. This one guy would call/text me frequently throughout the day but all of a sudden, he was a no-show.
  • Oh and obviously if he disappears/forgets you, don’t be THAT girl who goes crazy wondering if he was abducted by aliens or something silly. Don’t give him the benefit of the doubt because 95-99% of the time, his feelings for you disappeared & wasn’t man enough to…

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