New widow

This season started a show called Downtown Abby. One character Mary lost her husband at the end of the last season. This season it is six moths later and Mary is still wearing black and not leaving the house. She has also paid little attention to her newborn baby.  It took her grandmother to give a kick her in the butt to get out and live the life without her husband.

In the end Mary entered a room full of men, and continued her husbands work

So I got a kick in the butt last week when my good friend got me out of the house and had me get my nails and eyebrows done. This was something I had not done in years. I have to admit I am happy that I have done it.

I guess it takes seeing yourself living as a shadow of yourself, to pull yourself out of it.


One thought on “New widow

  1. It takes time, I am sure. Give yourself time, while beginning again to enjoy the things you once did (like getting your nails and eyebrows done). Bit by bit it will string together into a new life that is continually moving forward. All the best to you, dear. I really enjoy your posts. 🙂

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