Yesterday I found out I have 3 offers that are on the table. On of the offers are a cash one. WOW! So I am going to counter because I was low balled and then all should go well after that. So now I am waiting for the paper work from my realtor and Then I am signing off. I will have 60 days, But I really do not need that much to move.


Makes me sad to say that. I have such mixed feelings about this: I KNOW this has to be done, but I cannot shake the feeling I have about moving.

Well in Saturday morning news, I was dreaming this morning. In my dream I had went a whole week without talking to my husband, I had been busy and he was working. But the feeling had came over me that he had found another person to talk to. So when I went to pick up the phone, tried to dial his number it would not connect.  Then I woke up. I could hear the background noise of the cars on the raceway a few miles from the house and knew it was Saturday morning. I looked over to his side of the bed and saw the telephone.

I hate grief!


One thought on “Offers

  1. Congrats on the offers on your house. You deserve to have this transition go as smoothly as possible. Do not second guess yourself. You know moving is the right thing for you. I still dream about my husband also. I don’t know if I will ever get used to the idea of sleeping with a dog instead of him. I miss him more when i sit in the living room alone. He used to be there almost every waking moment watching tv. I miss talking to you.

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