Staurday morning



This morning I was in bed, As always I fight not to look to the left side of the bed. But then I thought about Saturday mornings. My husband would wake up and do his “Man Stuff” around the house on Saturdays. Grass would get cut, cars would get washed whatever else he thought needed to be done. I would hear the doors opening and closing around the house, I would hear him playing music loud and sometimes talking on the phone. I also knew I needed to fix him an early lunch because he was not a breakfast eater and I knew he would be ready to eat.

Now it is quiet…..

It is funny how a person can miss the small things in life. BUT I smile because it is such a good memory.

He drove me crazy, but he made me happy.


3 thoughts on “Staurday morning

  1. It is all the small things that will always stand out. It is the day to day life you shared that made you a great couple. Not everyday can have glamour or excitement so you have to take what you can get. Always hold on to the memories because they will comfort you forever. Don’t be afraid to smile or be happy because it is what he wanted after all.

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