Crazy! I guess?


Sometimes I feel like a freak. Just about every widow I know who’s spouse passed away, has already moved moved on with their lives (dating)

My husband wanted me to be happy, to have a full life. But having a man in my life is not a part of that plan for me. I have no interest in dating. But I feel like there must be something wrong with me for not wanting to.


2 thoughts on “Crazy! I guess?

  1. I don’t think that’s crazy at all. If there isn’t someone that you want to date or spend time with and if you have no interest in it – don’t force it. You will know when you’re ready.

  2. You are not crazy and there is nothing wrong with you. Two years might not be long enough to heal and move on from our type of loss. I am open to finding a man and have talked to a few online, but so far have not met any. Some day you will meet someone when you least expect it. You might just want to be friends and that is ok. You cannot force a person to like you or for you to like them. If it doesn’t come naturally, it won’t last.

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