New changes


Well I have been in the process of fixing up the house; Well decorating is the word I should use. Working on the downstairs was first on my agenda. Here is the finish product of my chalk board in my kitchen.



Pay no mind to the stuff on the counter top. I thought I had a picture of compete finished results but this is really close. So I have this whole cafe theme going on that flows in the dining room and the living room. I will not have coffee cups in the living room; But I am carrying the colors there. As I told my sister I want to look like the TV show “Friends” coffee house ” Central Perk”. Since I have a coffee table , I may as well make the best of it.

In case you have not noticed I have not said anything about the picture of that bed. That is my bed, well almost. My bed has more detail in the headboard and foot board.  But in a nut shell that is it. I found this picture online and I love it. The colors are perfect, So this what my room will look like. If I move my dresser I can get that sitting area in there also. But I will have to see.

I will admit I thought about moving all though I have spent money working on fixing the house up. I was having some regrets. But a friend gave me some sound advice by telling me her story so I will be staying put.

But before I run upstairs, I need to get the downstairs together first. I have some black and white pictures to hang over the the sofa. Finish up the powder room. Paint the wall behind the television.

Thanksgiving will be here in a few days, time to cook, eat and put up a tree after dinner. Funny how two holidays just blend together. Life does move on.

Have a good holiday,



One thought on “New changes

  1. Yes, life most certainly does move on.
    I love that you’re taking it and making it yours. Funny though that, like i told you, this place would look the same even if Dana was still here.
    And the bedroom now, while not overly feminine… is. He always liked a girly room…one day I asked him why… and he told me that it made him feel like he was spending the night…
    Peace 😀

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