I love this picture, My understanding is that although it looks like cardboard, it is really metal made to look like cardboard. I really would love to give credit for it, But I have no clue who created it.

Today we are having some rain bands from some hurricane, (I forget it name). So it has been cloudy and overcast all day. Today was also the first day of school. After dropping Taylor off to school, I said to myself it is cool, overcast a perfect time to get some yard work done. I came home to put the bags of mulch that had been sitting in my garage for about 2 months and dumped them in the beds around the house. This turned into me cleaning out the garage. I had a rickety shelf that I took apart threw it in the trash. I picked up a lot of trash and started to sweep. Ah.. Did some bug spraying also. By now I am sweating so I grab a standing fan and turned it on. Then at that moment I just started crying. I looked at the things that I have no idea how to use and a few I can. Drills, tools, this charging center, that will charge cell phones and other things if the power goes out. So now I am sweating, and crying just looking like crazy to anyone who walked by.

Not sure why that happened. I guess I just needed to cry.

My life is so unsettled, I see other women I know making leaps and bounds in widowhood, and I just feel stuck. Even my kids are doing so well. Feels like I am standing still and everything  around me is moving very fast. It is jut a blur.

O.K. Perhaps that is not all true, I have made an effort to be active in life, I have done some  shopping, decided to pay more attention to my appearance. But at the end of the day, I am left with my thoughts. 

Still a work in progress.



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