Hello, I know I have not posted in a while. It was a very slow spring, and even a slower hot summer. I have watched a lot of read a ton of books, watched a lot of netflex mostly countless re runs of sex in the city, and sex in the city 2. Well it is official I do not have a life.

Well back to the weather. Today I was in my closet, getting ready for southeast Georgia’s version of winter. I pulled out a bunch of long sleeve shirts to re wash or freshen them up. I have a few jackets that need to dry cleaned. Then it hit me; “Gosh, Nard has a few jackets that I put away, let me see if I could fit them”. So I ran across the hall to get them. Turns out there was only two of them but whatever. Once I got back in our room; I started trying them on, nice fit good. Then I walked in our closet and hung them up. Then I started moving some things around; pocketbooks on shelves, wallets here, shoes there. Then I looked around feeling very satisfied with my self. Then all of a sudden a sadness came over me; I looked at my things on his side of the closet. I looked my things all of over the closet. For years there was always his stuff and my stuff, we split the closet down the middle. No more.



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