No change


I thought at this point, things would be better. It seeams like everytime I get ahead I fall three steps back. This whole greiving process is hard and is even harder when the normal things in life come up. Money is tight, very tight. I worry about it all the time. A few days ago I wrecked my truck. I feel like nothing is working, I am trying, I sit around and try to find the answers, but the are not there.
I am not asking for life to perfect, just some the larger worries I have in my life to settle; well to settle they way I need it to. Prehaps that is way to much to ask.

So ends that pity party.(for now)

I have been reading a lot; My kindle use to sit collecting dust. Not any more. I enjoy losing myself in someone else’s life.
Anything that helps me escape mines. Movies also helps me to escape also. Getting back to the things I use to do.

I have been tap dancing and looking in path that many take when they feel lost. The first step to this is to be silent, no talking. no writing. I plan on trying this, IN SPITE of my doctor and my very good friend Medricks says. I need to find a balance then perhaps the rest of it will just fall into place.

Who knows? I just may find the answers, or I should try shutting up and opening my eyes and see it.

#Shrugs her shoulders#


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