Someone sent this to me today

You don’t get over it, you just get through it. You don’t get by it, because you can’t get around it. It doesn’t get better; it just gets different. Everyday… Grief puts on a new face…. Wendy Feireisen

So true!!

Yesterday, I went to help a friend to pack her apartment, We had a lot of fun and to be honest it did not feel like work. When we got to her new house, I saw how happy she was, when she looked around and saw her new furniture, and the brand new paint job. I gave her two thumbs up. I was really happy for her. It was coming along very nicely. Afterward we went to lunch and later a very small shopping spree in wal-mart, and Ice cream at sonic 20 minuets before they closed, and we sat there forty minuets after they closed.
I did not wake up till almost noon today.

About the walmart trip, We there to buy hangers, target had a pack of 18 for 2 bucks, Wally had them for 1.97. So I was all ready to buy more, because i needed more, Then all of sudden I remembered I did not need any. Why? because I took all of Nards clothes out of the closet so now I have plenty of them. Any way back to the store, she ask me how many was I getting, I told her none, because I had removed his clothes. I thought she was going to cry, She says I say it so easy. She does not know how I do it. I guess I am accepting all of this.
Well, that is what the grief therapist says anyway.

I woke up to feeling guilty, Feeling guilty because I had fun yesterday and Nard was not home when I got home this morning. I did have a dream he and I were on the phone talking. But I do not remember what we talked about. So I feel bad about that.

I wish I did not see everything in black or white, Right or wrong, left or Right.
But According to the the movie The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg sees everything in black and white, (Well this is the impression I get). Mark you are more than welcome to correct me, IMHO the movie did not put you in such a bad light. If you are as smart, and confidant as the movie portrays you then I think that is good. You took every challenge to improve yourself.
Sorry, I got off track..

I wish this was easy. The words use to just trickle from my brain to my fingers, Not any more. I find my self searching for what to say. Hate that!

Future plans, School; I will not be starting to next year fall, in the meantime I will have my knee surgery something this is needed badly. I was going to do girl scouts this year, But with the surgery this will not be impossible.

Today, I need to clean up, since my doctor but me on a new med, that gives me lots of energy. First my room and my bath. Next, the living room and kitchen, After that the garage; Which is a mess BTW.
Crap word count 542.


One thought on “Someone sent this to me today

  1. Hey,I did the same thing this weekend…helped a friend pack and move. It was good to be busy. But I felt sad on the way home because I remembered the day a few years ago when Frank and I both helped her move into the apartment she is now moving out of.
    I like that quote, it’s so true. I have been repeating something like that to myself for a while…that you can’t go around it (grief) you have to go through it. It helps me realize it’s ok to feel whatever I feel. I don’t know why, but repeating that to myself when I feel particularly horrible helps.

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