Heart breaking news

First I will like extend my deepest thoughts, prayers and condolences to my good friend Carla who lost her husband yesterday to Lung cancer, He fought this battle for 1 year, and sadly shy of his 42 birthday. This is heartbreaking. truly heartbreaking.

Yesterday I went to see the Hospice grief person, She was very nice. It really helped to talk about some things. Funny I thought I was doing good, But it looks like I have some stuff to work out. So I will be seeing her every week till I guess I am better.

In other news, I have started making plans to start a job. Today finished the last of my training, I will be going to the official job search to land a “Stay at home job” Do not planing on making a boatload of money, just enough to get by.
I sure hope this works out, Right now I am waiting for the results of my final exam.. Need a 84 to pass. Pretty sure I got more than that. But you never know.

Did I forget to say it is HOT here.. Heat index of 110 today.. I will be staying in the house today.


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