Today my sisters and I will be emptying my husbands closet.

let me say I was grateful when they offered to help.

This feels like the day when I had to view his body. I did not want to get up that morning, I do not want to go in the closet.. BUT it is too painful to walk in there and see his clothes. It is almost like living a lie, his clothes are there so he must be coming home.

But he is not.

The good thing is it will go pretty fast, the hardest part will be taking his stuff to the garage and leaving them there.
Kinda sucks that a persons life can just be packed away.
Now that I am thinking I need to get all of his papers and put them away also..
Funny the need for STUFF is so dumb, because when you die, No one really wants it and it gets packed away to be forgotten.

Anyway, Let me eat something.


2 thoughts on “Closet

  1. Dearest Lynne,

    I know that feeling. When I was mobile, I loved going to auctions and estate sales. Many times I have bought a box of odds and ends with a few goodies on the top. I’d get it home, and as I delved deeper into the box there would be old photos, cards and love letters. I’d wonder if they had children who didn’t want it? I’d shed some tears for someone I never knew, and I’d feel guilty being the caretaker of their remnants.

    Now I’m old and I understand. I doubt my girls will want the momentos of my grandmother’s and mother’s lives….nor mine. Their houses are full…thier lives are filled with work and living. So I’m getting rid of ‘stuff’….a box a wk is my goal. My hope is that they won’t have to do what you are doing.

    I love you, sweet Lynne

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