What happens after the 4th of july weekend?

I had a good forth of July at my sister in law’s. I have not seen her since mother day, which was the day after my husband funeral. Bad thing we were sitting in the yard now I am itching from all the bug bites I got.

Rant time

Well, After sitting in the social security office for over 4 hours last week to get them to pay the benefits I am owed, Of course they STILL have not paid. I just do not know what to do. Calling them does no good, Perhaps I am just being inpatient.

The insurance company, these people have some issues, I called them a few days ago, the CSR told me to call back Friday to see if the needed paper work is sitting in their office from their vendor. Then she told me she would send a a detailed email to her supervisor since this claim been pending since May; And the fault is with their vendor and no one else. I have NO faith that anything will be done. But I will call back, raise a bit of sand, but still be polite.

Gezz, I am so damn tired of being polite.

Rant over… In other news

I have made ZERO progress in the house, Not sure why. Now it is clean, But I really need to de-clutter some drawers in the kitchen. I have a few bins that need to emptied (the crap been in there since we moved in the house in 2010) I do not need it so I am throwing it all away. I need the bins for what?? Pack some more stuff in, Well my husbands stuff. So since I cannot really leave the house because any money I do have are going to bills, I really cannot go anywhere. I am going to get his things packed up, and de-clutter. A friend and my nieces told me I need to keep my faith, and lean on god. So I am going to TRY and do this. I just have to stop the pity party, and just do what I need to do. BUT It is hard to go from “We” to “Me”, (thank you Lelar) This is no longer our room, but my room, Our bathroom to MY bathroom. Even his wallet is not really his anymore. My mom told me one day in a response to some complaining I was doing, “You will miss your husband” She was right.

Lauryn been having headaches a lot, I need to make her a doctors appt. today, BTW, need to make one for myself. Lauryn is doing really good, Her cleaning skills have improved. She has a few friends, and she loves her dog. I think her dad knew she would need that dog. My oldest is here for the summer, doing what 20 year old do. I cannot complain he is a good kid.

Ah… I think I will be starting a new job soon, It is through Social security. I will be working from home 20 hours a week. A bit extra is never bad..
Gosh.. As I been typing all the above I got a major taste for zaxbys sweet ans spicy sandwich, It is really good.

This will be my first automatic post to facebook, I welcome all of my facebook family and friends. Please feel free to comment, if you have never posted it will tell you I will have to approve the post first, Since I have a free account, I cannot turn this setting off, But be assured I will approve your post, AND any time you post after the first will not need my approval and will post automatically. So please do not put anything you do not want the world wide web to see. I also welcome you to subscribe, if you will like to have first shot to my rants and ravings. Also I will often use you name in my post, If you do not want be to this, Please let me know.

Be good to yourselves. Have a good weekend


4 thoughts on “What happens after the 4th of july weekend?

  1. oh Hon, all I keep thinking is your paving the way on survival again ((HUGS)) thoughts and prayers. I don’t have a young one and I’m sure that must help. I’m not moving…find myself staring at this box alot. Thank you 🙂 Chris

  2. Hi Sweeie,
    Glad to see you’re making progress & keeping busy. You ar always in my heart and thughts.
    Love you,

  3. Just remember that poem footprints. Remember that it is times like these that GOD is carrying you. Lean on your friends even though you are tired of hearing how time will heal everything. You have two really good kids but remember that is because they have a really good mom.

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