Well a Turn around

Well after not having ANYTHING to do, It turns out I have plans. On the 4th I will spending it with Nards sister and her family. Saturday I will be going to a party at my sister house for a party for my niece. So Sunday I will rest.

Today was a good day…. I spent the day sitting in the social security office, They messed up the payment, so I had to get it sorted out. I did, I could have been rude and nasty sitting there for FOUR hours, But I was not, I was still nice and polite, and I got my payment processed today should be in my account next week.

I did some food shopping went to zaxbys for dinner, tried their new sandwich some type of sweet and spicy thing, Tasted really good. Now I am sitting in Nard’s chair typing this.

I really miss him, I wish he was still here raising hell about one thing or the other. Funny I do not think he is going to walk in the door anymore, I think I am getting to the point where I am getting use to him being gone.

A few friends and I are in the early stages of starting a Non-profit, To help find a place for unused cancer drugs. Not all cancer drugs are giving in IV form, many people take pill chemo drugs, and some do not work for them. Or even worse they die. Some chemo drugs cost up to 4k a month, and a lot of it is just destroyed. It is a waste; So we are planning on doing something about it.

Perhaps this is my calling.


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