Today is an OK day, So far I have not cried, which is good. I forgot I agreed to babysit my niece who is two. So my sister was rigging my bell at 6;45 this morning.

Today I am really missing Nard, It is a strange  feeling. He is gone I get that, But I am having a hard time fully accepting that fact. I hope a lot of it is because I am lonely or if the reality that I have nothing to do anymore after months of care giving, and years of being a wife and homemaker.

On a related topic, I made up my mind not to be sad anymore, to grieve; Yes, But to make the choice not to be sad all the time. Well I posted this fact to a widows blog I belong to, Well guess? what I got flamed for it.  So much for expressing what I feel.


Well moving on, I am planning a trip (well a few). Going to see some friends. Need to get out of the house. It will be fun…


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  1. Don’t let anyone EVER put you down for expressing what you feel. Everyone grieves differantly and you have every right to grieve how you need and want and if not feeling sad is your way then they is they way 🙂 Hang in there girl!!!

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